Tips and Tricks to Start Investing In Zones


You can have 2 rolls on Zones. You can borrow money from people, or you can be the borrower. An investor who also gives joy. It’s not difficult at all. On the contrary, it is easy and everyone can do it. Even you. Start earning now.

Everyone already knows that people are lending to The Duke and the . This means an opportunity not only for the person who wants to borrow but also for a person who has enough money and wants to invest. In principle, you can have investor status thanks to The Duke and the Dauphin in a few minutes. Before you decide to jump into investment waters, make yourself comfortable on the shore and read some hints and tips.

The registration process takes only a few minutes and you need two ID documents and a bank account number. Then send your money directly to your The Duke and the profile and that’s it. The lowest possible investment is CZK 200, the highest in one loan is CZK 5,000. If you now say that you are not going to be too much, be calm. You do not have to stay with just one loan and we do not recommend it to you.


Every loan is risky. But do not be afraid, it is quite normal and it simply belongs to investments. The risk of investing is that the person to whom you have borrowed your money will stop paying you. There are different reasons for this: loss of job, unexpected life situation, broken washing machine, immobile car and so on.

To make your investments easier, we call risky clients on a scale from A to D. In Group A, people who are at risk of stopping repayment are the smallest. The UD is logically the opposite and these clients belong to the risk group. There are, of course, B and C, which mean medium and higher risk. The higher the risk, the higher the interest for the person who borrows and the higher the investor’s yield, that is, you.

How to build an investment portfolio

As we announced at the beginning, we do not recommend investing in just one story, but we recommend gradually building a portfolio of 100 or more loans. Why? The more investment your portfolio makes, the more it has statistics and revenue and loss estimates.

The Duke and the Dauphinarchive 86 2 The basic types of portfolios are generally three. Conservative, balanced and progressive. For the first, investment in better ratings prevails but with lower returns. Balanced outweighs investment in medium-risk loans, but with a pretty good earnings. And the last group is the so-called progressive portfolio, where investments in B and C rating prevail.


From 1.9. The Duke and the Dauphin will start paying new charges. They have to give the lowest rating loans. Investors will thus have a better chance to diversify their portfolio. So don’t forget to watch The Duke and the Dauphin Times . On Friday, we will provide you with detailed details on changes to your fee strategy.



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