Account Despite Credit Bureau

The reason for this are usually entries in the credit bureau file. Can the consumer open a checking account without credit bureau? All banks must offer a checking account without credit bureau, but can charge high fees. So you will find a cheap account despite a creation entry. Many banks refuse to open a checking account without sufficient creditworthiness.

Open current account without credit bureau

Open current account without credit bureau

For most consumers, opening an account is easy. Unlike loans, banks only have a small financial risk. Although their debtors can borrow up to a certain degree on the overdraft facility or the current account card, the risk of default is low.

However, it can be difficult if consumers have a poorer credit rating. Many banks use a refusal credit bureau entry as an opportunity to deny the applicant the opening of an account. This applies in particular to institutions whose checking accounts are usually sold with credit cards and / or overdrafts. In this way, the SNB not only protects its own interests, but also protects consumers from falling further into the debt trap.

Today, however, it is hardly possible to cope with everyday life without a current account. If you do not have an account, you can show up both at work and in your private life. For consumers with a negative credit rating, it is therefore necessary, despite credit bureau, to open an account. Anyone who has already been rejected by several credit institutions as a guest, of course, is faced with the decision to run an account without credit bureau.

The search leads to questionable websites, where royalty-free accounts are offered. Often the online accounts without credit bureau are an offer from abroad. But also in the Federal Republic, some providers have concentrated on the handling of non-creative bank accounts. However, this quickly results in the high set-up and monthly account maintenance costs of around ten cents.

Negative credit bureau

Negative credit bureau

In addition, paperless deliveries to a current account without credit bureau will be charged separately. Despite the negative credit bureau, a current account can also be opened much cheaper. According to the self-commitment of the credit institutions, every consumer in the Federal Republic of Germany is entitled to an account, which is also known as a “current account for everyone”. This is a creation-free account that can only be managed as a credit.

With this basic account, however, both bank transfers and online banking are possible, so that the account owner can easily participate in the payment process. Overdrafts – whether by card or overdraft – are not possible with the account balance. In part, the mobility of the owner is limited: If the consumer such a basic account is denied, he can also sue for it.

However, with few consumers taking this opportunity to go to court, several consumer initiatives have been launched. If you need a current account without a credit bureau check, you can choose the appropriate customer protection center and private initiatives in many cities. Sparkassenstiftung has had a current account for all of them since the beginning of 2012 – sometimes also under the term “Citizen Account” – as standard and on preferential terms.

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